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Recover your Suspended GMB listing today

Having one or multiple suspended listings can feel like a nightmare, but we can fix it. We have a 100% success rate in recovering Suspended GMB listings and offer a 14-day warranty after delivery in case your listing gets suspended again.
Over 600 Listings Recovered
We have dealt with listings from all over the globe. There aren't categories that resist us. Hard, soft and manual suspensions, you name it, we have faced them all. We can deal with spam listings and blackhat niches aswell.
We are fast
Still waiting for a Google Specialist to answer you? Most of our clients get their listing recovered in less than 72h. We know what to tell to google to have your reinstatement request taken care of the fastest way possible. 
You are covered
We are so sure about geting your listing back that we provide full refund if we don't achieve it. We also provide you with a 14day warranty where if you get suspended again we will recover your listing for free.
Can you reinstate any listing?

We only require of two things just to ensure that your listing gets recovered by us:

  • The listing is 3 months old or older.
  • Your service is legal (according to google's policies). We won’t ever judge you.

Fix your GPB, Recover your Leads

We have a success rate of almost 100%. In case we cannot reinstate your business we will fully refund you.

Over 600 recoveries
Hard Suspensions
Soft Suspensions
Manual Suspensions
Pest Control Services
HVAC Contractors
Spam Address Listings
Blackhat Listings
14-day warranty
Any Category!
most popular
1 GBP recovery with 14-day warranty


We still haven’t found anyone willing to recover Blackhat or spammy listings like we do.
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How does our service work?

Once an order is placed, we proceed as follows:


Invite us to your Suspended Profile
You will have to send an Owner Role invitation to a Gmail address provided by us so we can manage your suspended GBP listing and make the recovery process on your Behalf.


We start working, you stay updated
At any time from the beginning of work you will know how everything is going on, we will update you from either telegram, skype or email of anything new related to your case.


Don't contact google again until we fix your listing
As son as you trust us for the recovery service, don’t contact google at any time for that listing. We will take care of everything from then on. If you do, that might slow the whole recovery process.


We might need some information to speed up the recovery
Depending on the suspension reason, documentation might be needed to be sent to google. In that case, if you think you have anything related to your business that might speed up the process of revalidation, send it to us. If your business had a spam address, we will take care of that.

And that's all

We assure you total success in the operation. Else we will fully refund you.
Recover my GBP
Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to PM me on blackhatworld or on telegram.

Who is behind Barium?
Barium is founded by two members with deep knowledge of blackhat seo due to having worked in spammy niches for years.  I (the one who made this webpage) have 5 years of experience on B2C SEO (locksmiths mainly) in a very competitive city. I found that local SEO was a lead magnet these spammy B2C services with multiple spam GBP's and started creating them and trying to get them verified without postcard.

I was lucky to get in touch with a blackhat local seo expert that has a private method that recovers all the suspended listings we stumble upon. We have been offering this service to our clients, and other SEO's ever since. 

We have recovered hundreds of spammy listings, specially in the USA and think it's time to make offer this service to customers that don't come from the word of mouth.
Do you accept any niche?
Definately. We only require for your listing to be 3 months old or older + fit inside a GBP category. If you meet those requisites we are sure about geting your Suspended Listing back. We have recovered hundreds of listings already, locksmiths, plumbers, HVAC technicians, pest controls, real state, seo agencies, insurance agencies etc. 

Below you can see a success case of a client having multiple fake listings throughout his entire country, on the main cities. He got suspended by reports from his competitors and came to us from word of mouth. 
barium suspended google business profile recovery service
How much time do you take to recover a listing?
Most of our clients get their listings recovered in less than 72h, but we have had also some cases where the listings took between two and three weeks to be reinstated due to google asking multiple times for documentation to validate the listing. It is not up to us for how long does google take right after we answer their requirements.

It also matters the day you place the order since google doesn't answer from friday afternoon till monday morning, so if you place your order on a friday/saturday/sunday expect 72h from monday at least to have the first answers from google maps workers about your case.

Sometimes Google Technicians can also be busy due to an algorithm update, this August 2022 for example, they had an update + holidays so the process for us to recover our clients’ listings has been slightly longer than on a median basis. We will always let you know according to your case and the seriousness of the suspension the approximate delivery time it will require (if you have the blackest of all the blackhat listings maybe we might need more time than with a regular spammy listing, but you will know in advance).

If 30 days since payment have already passed and your listing is still in the talking between the google my business agents and us, please bear in mind that it's due to google being a little slower for a workload spike. We will always place our effort of our clients in order of arrival. You can always ask us what's the position of your order in our database.

In case google denies the recovery of your business back to google maps, we will fully reimburse you the amount you paid for the service.
What makes you different from others offering the same service?
Even though we haven't found anyone on bhw promoting this service yet, we can tell you we are different from standard gigs you can find at other marketplaces. We recover any listing, whitehat, blackhat, spammy, with inexistent business at provided addresses etc.

The usual gigs will just require you to be full whitehat with your GBP and to have a real business in the address you provided for verification or ask you to go area of business, else they won't take you as a client. We, on the other hand, will.

We accept you having spam addresses and blackhat listings. We will take care of the details for google to believe there is a real business there. Your suspended GBP will be recovered as long as you fit in any GBP category (legal business) and your listing is 3months old or older.

In the following image you can see what can come out from a cheaper standard gig, if they find out your business is blackhat or spammy, they suggest you go area of service (you will lose so many leads by not appearing in the snippet anymore) or else they won't take your order (because they don't know how to recover it lol).
cheap suspended google my business profile recovery
What happens if my business is suspended again right after delivery?
We will take care, for free, of any suspension made to a listing previously recovered by us if it occurs in less than 14 days after delivery.
Do you accept crypto?
We do, you can pay with usdt/usdc or binance pay.
I just placed an order, what now?
Just let us do the work right after you have invited us to your suspended GBP

From this moment on, don't answer to google my business team any more. Just give us full detail of the suspension situation over PM, email or telegram and let us do our job. If you answer their emails while we are with your case you will only slow down the recovery process.

The way we work this is very transparent. We will create a brand new gmail account and also grant it with owner role to your suspended listing. We will deliver to you the login credentials for you to see anytime how is the case of your reinstatement going with the assigned google representative.

After telling them what we need to tell them we will get your business reinstated. You will keep the account we created for your suspension and after 14 days (check the 14days warranty policy) you can change the password and do whatever you want with that account.

We might need some information to speed up the recovery. If you think you have anything related to your business that might speed up the process of revalidation, send it to us. If your business had a spam address, we will take care of that.

Get your Local Leads Back

Don't worry if your address is not legit, we will get your GBP back.
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Let's get you back to google maps
Recover your GBP
14-day warranty / Full refund if we don't succeed
Our Key Features
We not only request a reinstatement in your business, we make sure we deliver the exact words and edited pictures/bills for google workers to recover your business asap, feel free to provide us with any visual proof that might help our designer gather as much proof as needed by google to verify your business back again.
14-day Warranty after Listing Recovery
Blackhat listings
Hard Suspensions
Soft Suspensions
Manual Suspensions
Spam Adress Listings
Locksmiths/Plumbers etc
Full refund if we don't succeed.
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